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    What's in your arcade machine?

    Connect an arcade machine to a PC and use HyperSpin as your menu system to navigate through your game collection from one convenient interface. You can organize your games, launch your favorite emulators, PC games and other software and have fun while doing it!

    HyperSpin 1.0 is out!

    Finally the newest HyperSpin 1.0 is out. This is a good time to jump in and learn about using HyperSpin in your arcade cabinet. We've gathered lots of feedback on the features that our users have been wanting including faster list navigation, favorites support, more controls options, main menu program launching, fuller backend, built in BetaBrite support, multi emu support from one wheel, etc... Plus we've added tons of new features that make HS a lot more exciting such as zipped theme support, video transition effects, new animation styles, easier skinning, faster interface and much, much, more...

    We thank all the users and supporters of this great project for their feedback and contributions. If you are new please join our forums and have fun with our large and friendly community and supportive staff.