• HyperApps

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    All Members

    • HyperList - By using HyperList you can gain access to modules, databases as well as other important information for your HyperSpin installation. By clicking any of the systems names you can visit the official Wiki page for that system where you can view important information for system setup, status and much more. 


    • HyperBase - HyperBase is the official repository for all artwork and media for HyperSpin. You can use HyperBase to search the artwork that we currently have for each system and also what artwork is still needed. All artwork must be uploaded through HyperBase in order for it to get included in the official sets.

    Gold and Platinum Members

    • HyperFTP - The HyperSpin FTP file-server is a repository and file sharing service made available to Platinum and Gold level supporters.

    Platinum Members

    • HyperSync - HyperSync is a media syncing application which will ensure that you will always have the latest artwork files available delivered directly from HyperBase. By using HyperSync in conjunction with a Platinum level membership downloading and updating your media will never be easier.