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  2. Archer MacLean's Dropzone (SNES) View File Theme 4:3 ;Archer MacLean's Dropzone (SNES) Submitter spyloops Submitted 01/24/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  3. That's really nice what you've made, and it's a bonus that the Hacked Games setup helped other people too. I wish we could have worked together back then, while this database has some nice hacks, there are tons I missed and will miss since they are released almost every day. If anyone wants to add new stuff, feel free, this setup was meant to be complete for an easy installation, but was also just a kick start for something that could be a lot bigger filled with new stuff. In the original thread, there's explanation on how to set up this system, there's a modified Retroarch module, settings, etc., basically plug and play if you put all files in their respective folders. There are some people still resistant to Retroarch, this system is also an ice breaker since it's easier to use Retroarch in this multi-system setup. You can freely copy the tutorial from the original post and put it in here for more people to get informed. And now that I read you added more games, you'll also need to do that. I'm attaching a screen-shot showing how Retroarch will handle the games. In RLUI, click on Edit Global Module Settings, than on Rom Settings tab, there, you'll need to click on the + icon, add the game you added in your database, click on the browse icon, and finally select what core should be used to that game, for a Genesis/Mega Drive hack, choose Picodrive core, for Snes, Snes9x core, and so on, it's easier and faster to do than it seems, you won't need to setup a specific emulator for each game, just the core, and you're good to go. Don't use the official Retroarch module, if you do, every time your RL is updated, and thus, the modules, your Retroarch will scream that "Hacked Games" is not a supported system, RocketLauncher guys don't see a point adding this system to the module, so just use the modified one, that I'm also attaching here, put it inside your \Rocket Launcher\Modules folder. Retroarch (Hacked Games).rar
  4. i have been searching for game collection artwork and found some but i have to say that your wheel setup is the best i have ever seen and probably i am unlikely to see anything better than this,cracking job well done !!!
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  6. André Agassi Tennis (SNES) View File André Agassi pixel version Submitter spyloops Submitted 01/24/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  7. The app is not code signed at this time. When it leaves beta, it will be.
  8. American Gladiators (SNES) View File simple theme for American Gladiators (SNES) Submitter spyloops Submitted 01/24/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  9. Thank you for all the reps!  I really appreciate it. :)

  10. Yes mame renaming sucks. I have 20 or so done. It's a real pain
  11. Nice. I did manage to get the controls up in 0.181 with the "select+X" combo and set it straight back to L1. i really don't have much using MAME anyway I don't like it. I'm getting round to it but I'm not keen on renaming everything and I don't want missing art/videos in my setup so do without it.
  12. Yes it's back up. So you don't have to worry about making a config for controls
  13. Is that back in the online updater? i did see the thread about calling it mame2016 but not checked the last few days.
  14. Yes I setup select in retroarch mame input
  15. Dammit, you were actually calm xD
  16. I have both but use mame. Now they brought back mame 174 in retroarch it's called mame2016
  17. Without setting any inputs up? i can't be arsed to rename all my artwork and videos!! Maybe I will because there's a lot of games that need this. do you have the original odyssey setup?
  18. I'm calm, just saying could've been more constructive with the criticism. We've certainly seen shitstorms and arguments start from similar comments.
  19. Air Cavalery (SNES) View File simple theme for Air Cavalery (SNES) Submitter spyloops Submitted 01/24/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  20. Right click HyperSpin.exe then under compatibility, near the bottom, toggle the Run as Administrator option. Often fixes a lot of issues.
  21. I have updated to the newest version (July 16). I have not run as admin, where do I make that setting change? I know it's simple but I'm drawing a blank.
  22. Sounds like BIOS problem. Did you set BIOS directory in another system like atari2600 then go back and try pcfx?
  23. I use mame git. I then use the left stick for select
  24. Jeez, calm down Agent I was just curious as what Jack meant by his description of not so good themes. As I had no idea what exactly is meant or what I should think of.
  25. You wouldn't have to re-do the setup or anything if you decide to go that route, just don't overwrite your settings/databases/media. I assume you're running the latest HS version and everything? Have you tried running HyperSpin as administrator?
  26. All Hyperspin files are on a connected G: drive. I get smooth performance when I manually load roms AND when I load from RL GUI (bypassing HS). I assume this means the compression or anything else would be nullified. None of my roms are compressed either. I'm curious if I should reinstall HS, however re-doing all my setup seems a bit daunting at this point since I just upgraded last week.
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