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  2. Thanks for all the great uploads guys! Today's HyperUpdate is courtesy of @ren81010 @RLBradders26 and @RetroKenesis!
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  4. z170 a pro 5
  5. Thanks for these replies guys, really not interested in windows gaming I don't think. Anyone got motherboard recommendations?
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  7. I'm not using Mameui64, but just the standard mame64. In my ROM folder I have a regular folder (not zipped) called "gtfore06", and that has one file in it called "golf_fore_complete_v6.00.01.chd". Then in the same ROM folder i have a zipped folder called "gtfore06" with nothing in it. The only reason that zipped folder is there is so when Mame searches for it, it finds it. And lastly i have the zipped folder "iteagle", which is made up of 16 different files. Does that help?
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    I'm just configuring my Cab and waiting for what's comming about Databases.
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    AARRRRRGGGGGGG....... Just spent 45mins doing an update and hit Backspace to delete something.......deleting everything I wrote. Your gonna have to wait untill I get over that so here is a quick one instead HyperScore #52 is nearly over.....Get your PaperBoy score in Multiple mouse support in RetroArch could be coming @bippym & @lilcza are working on a better solution for Commodore Amiga within Hyperspin....I have faith in you I have got my writing MOJO and been working hard at home and work so low productivity this week. Going to work on my PS1 collection this week...Maybe get a Libretro documentation page done and add some overlays to GitHub. @ci2own have you slowed up now or should I wait for more lol.....? wow my deleted post was way better this sucks. PS have a Playhouse on stilts to build for the kid this weekend also.....She is going to love it, can't wait
  10. I just wanted to give everybody a heads up that we are starting the process of migrating servers here at EmuMovies. Because of this we expect a period of downtime this weekend. We are doing everything that we can to keep downtime to an absolute minimum but it may be as much as half a day or more. The good news is that this upgrade will make the site and site downloads even faster. Thanks you all for your patience as we make this upgrade to the website. View the full article
  11. MSX Wheel art (200+files) View File Over 200 MSX 1 wheel artwork Submitter battlecatalyst Submitted 05/26/2017 Category Upload Here  
  12. What does your directory structure look like to launch gtfore06 in mameui64? I've got all the files but it doesn't launch after an audit of the roms. i have the rom zip & iteagle in mameui65/roms with the CHD in a folder "gtfore06" in the /roms directory as well
  13. @zerojay, I haven't checked your database yet, but I'd like to say that when I started this system, I had to create all artwork along with the database by myself, so it's nice that someone is working on the database, adding, fixing and making it more accurate. It's definitely a system that needs a lot of sorting/filtering, since there are incredible mods/hacks, and mediocre ones. When you're ready to call the database finished to just receive future updates/additions, we can all get together and start creating artwork for it. Thanks for the work you're putting into it.
  14. Pois é. Só q eu não uso o RL, eu peguei o meu setup usando o HL 2.0 e depois q aprendi fazendo toda a configuração dos sistemas com ele não vou querer começar do zero com outro launcher. E posso falar com certeza, que não é o launcher que gera esses ini separados por game, pois isso só acontece no Saturn. É o próprio emulador que faz isso. Quanto a esse multibios, eu nunca ouvi falar. E provavelmente vou continuar sem ouvir mais nada. (Link?)
  15. Hyperthreading is not that useful in emulation, most emulators use just 2 cores, so i'd go with an intel i5. I'd pick a 6600k with a good aftermarket heatsink and an overclock enabled motherboard to push on cpu clock. 8gb should be enough but CEMU (wiiU emulator) seems to go beyond 8gb on same games due to compiled shaders. If you plan also a bit of windows gaming a decent videocard is a must. Gtx1070 is perfect for 1080p and not "high end" 4k gaming. Probably it's an overkill but it might avoid a new videocard for some years.
  16. It can be configured depending on the use. But i use it to move through config menu (MAME/Retroarch) and Enter/Back buttons or sometimes Left/Right mouse button. Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk Pro
  17. Hi mate well the Brazilian artists here are absolutely incredible, it must be something you guys drink ;-)

    Have you made anymore of your awesome snes or Super Famicom boxes. Your Super Famicom boxes are without a doubt the best set available. I would be happy to contribute some money towards drinks for you as an incentive to continue them buddy. All the best Ant

  18. Awesome awesome work Jumpman!
  19. Hey crown! What do the white center stick and two white buttons do?
  20. Looking fwd to this
  21. Same setup I have but I have 5tb and 500 psu. It's a good setup though you will likely need more storage depending on the number of systems you want
  22. Subzero told me the following is more than enough: Processor: Intel core I5 4670k (unlocked) @3,4 GHz turbo @ 3,9 GHz Ram: 16 gb ddr3 GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB XLR8 Gaming Overclocked Edition PNY (Got it for 100 euro) Main drive: Kingston 120gb ssd Extra Drive: Seagate 2TB PSU: Corsair 400 watt Verstuurd vanaf mijn Lenovo PB2-690M met Tapatalk
  23. So I finally have my two cabs pretty much finished up (see pics), so it bring us to the classic 'what spec PC' question, in terms of limits of where I would like to go, up to Dreamcast and Gamecube really, however I am not totally against aiming higher for a little bit of future proofing I guess. Money isn't too much of an issue, but I just don't want to spend on stuff that is not needed, quite keen to build them myself (haven't built a PC for a while). My knowledge of what is out there is pretty ancient though. From what I can gather, a half decent video card is a must, an i5 or i7 processor? 16gb or ram? SSD drive. It's been so long since I built something, just need some pointers to start putting together the bits please!
  24. Thanks! The cab is already built and the buttons distance was taken using the sizes in this templates:
  25. Okay, so here's an unfinished version of the database as it stands currently. I haven't had a ton of time to work on it with E3 zooming up so fast so there are still some potential changes and additions but it might be best to get the eyes of the community on it now. So I want to say the following without sounding like I'm trying to attack those who started this. Without your efforts, I wouldn't have bothered to start work on this, so please don't feel slighted by anything I'm about to say. I took the original list created here in the OP and decided to do the following: * Strip out all minor/useless/low effort graphics hacks, most made during the Nesticle era of emulation (Arctic Tennis, Afro Bros, etc...) * Correct as many ROM hack names as possible, using the name on RHDN as my guide. Unfortunately, this means that the list isn't quite as easy to read when you have simply "New Controls" and not "Earthbound New Controls" but going this route means it's far easier to find the hacks this way. Super Mario World Central and Sonic Retro also were used for their respective series if specific hacks didn't exist on RHDN. (Accuracy of the names is very important because without accuracy, some of these hacks are nearly impossible to find. An example: "Leo" was actually Ieo, making it much easier to find.) * Insert the ROM name and console in the manufacturer slot. Mainly using the "rom name to patch against" from RHDN when possible to make it easier for you to find, but also so that the more ambiguous names caused by the above change are a little easier to deal with as well. Also visible in HS. This will be less of a problem with proper wheels made in the same style as OP. * Added a ton of newer hacks, updates to sport game rosters, multiplayer hacks of single player games and more. Almost 600 hacks total. Current version: Let me know what you think.
  26. Hey guys I have an issue. When I launch my hyperspin I'm prevented, from entering the wheel, because a large sound bar shows up on the lower bottom of the screen, preventing me from entering the wheel, and scrolling my games and systems. When I press my controller b button the bar goes on an off. When I press the a button it goes mute, and when I press left or right on the d pad the sound bar goes up and down. Is there anyway I can remove this sound bar? Is this controller problem or keyboard problem? Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
  27. This is what I did to near enough completely hide windows without using any software or programs or anything. The only think you can see is a tiny windows logo for a split second when you shut down but only if you shut pc down properly, as I don't. I just cut the power, makes no difference as you'll see below... (win7 64) my machine takes less than 10 seconds to boot straight to hyperspin with the solid state drive I've also switched everything off I don't need... Here goes... Go into msconfig and check ✔️ "no gui boot". This gets rid of Windows swirling logo thing when you first switch machine on. Turn off the control bar at the bottom by right clicking on it etc and changing settings Then follow this to change the default windows background - Change it for just a black image. Turn off windows sounds - i.e. The sound it makes as windows is loading. Do this - In control panel, Click on Hardware and Sound. ... From the Sounds Settings window, uncheck Play Window Startup sound as shown in the screenshot below and click OK. Change the desktop background for either your own arcade image or again just a black image (I created these in publisher) This is a must!! Get rid of the annoying "windows did not shut down correctly" screen. I did this so I can just switch my cab off without bothering to shut it down. As mentioned above. It doesn't hurt the pc and works great. Do the following- Open the CMD prompt (Run as administrator by right clicking and selecting this option). Navigate to the following DIR by typing CD C:\Windows\System32 Hit enter. Type bcdedit /set bootstatuspolicy ignoreshutdownfailures Hit enter. This took a few attempts as you need to make sure you put the correct spaces between the words - there is a space after bcdedit, and after "set" and before "ignoreshutdownfailures" 7. I also put a copy of the hyperspin icon in the startup folder so as soon as pc has booted, hyperspin starts straight away. I'm also using led blinky but didn't need to do it for that as hyperspin or rocketlauncher starts led blinky up. 8. Tweak windows 7 and switch everything off! This works great... hope that helps someone cheers guys
  28. Depois que você usa a multibios, que é uma bios universal pro SSF e afins, e desliga uma opção no RocketLauncher pra ele não ficar criando configs por game e apenas usar uma padrão tudo deve rodar normalmente. Claro, se o básico que é o Daemon, direcionar on ele está, e dizer ao RLUI onde está o drive virtual, etc já estiverem feitos. Hoje uso o Retroarch pra emular Saturn, mas o SSF ainda é o melhor emulador para esse sistema no Windows em muitos casos, ainda porque o Mednafen exige um hardware bem superior ao SSF.
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