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  2. Great! Thanks guys - I'll give those a try and use the one I like the best! Appreciate the info (and the ability to save some time.)
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  4. For PS2 isos I compressed them all to .cso with maxcso. Pcsx2 supports it natively, so the games boot up instantly and that way I don't have to deal with extra cache files and that initial load time for each game
  5. If I'm no mistaken and since I don't tend to use save states much (seems like cheating to me), they are a problem because some times they're saved in the same directory where the rom or iso are decompressed and when you close the emulator, Rocketlauncher deletes the decompressed iso and the save state file so next time you launch that game you won't have the save state. You need to make sure that the emulator doesn't put the save states in the same directory of the rom or iso. To use gzip just grab any iso of a ps2 you have and compress them to gzip format (using 7zip). PCSX2 supports them for a while now. Some considerations: - If you use Rocketlauncher, make sure the new file extension is present for PCSX2, otherwise you'll get an error when you try to launch a game. - The first time you load a gzip, PCSX2 will read the whole gzip file and make a cache of its structure, so don't be scared if you see nothing happening in the emulator window for a while (if you have the console enabled you'll see stuff happening there). Next time you load that gzip PCSX2 it will load it as fast as if it wasn't compressed! - The cache file will be created by default in the same directory as the gzip, so make sure you have permissions to create files there (you can change the directory by editing some ini files).
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    Thanks Thatman84, this fixed the data/data bug for me on my Nvidia Shield and I can now see my custom cfg for each core I made. I still can't get hyperspin to launch my custom configuration with shaders and overlay. I have to load my custom config from the configuration menu everytime I start a game from with in hyperspin. Is there any way to force hyperspin to Launch my custom config per core?
  7. Progets, how do you make a favourites wheel, ? and is it per system or can you have mixed?
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  9. Type the name of the ROM in the box that you'd like to match to. After two characters I'll search our API database and tell you if we have it. If you cannot find your ROM, just click save. It can stay unmatched for now. edit: should I change the wording in the box to something else? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  10. Poder ser incompatibilidade com algo instalado no seu windows 8... atualize para o 8.1 e faça todos os updates.
  11. What does the match rom to mean? I set up nes and i have the happily ever after rom that was released a few months ago. Im guessing its not in your database, bit what do you do in the match rom to field. I had a few other roms that werent matched either. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  12. And yes... I take security concerns this seriously. I'll be testing with your hardware to debug the issue. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  13. Not sure that this thread is the best place to work out router level issues. Which is why I said PM. That way I can get into details with you. But just to clear things up. We do not have malicious software and are not being blocked via trend micro.. With that being said, I do take your issue report very seriously. I would be happy to work with you one on one to get this sorted. Next, The error is a JSON response error. Meaning that the app database is corrupted in some way. My suggestion would be to delete HBL and reinstall it. In later builds I will need to implement a "self-heal" feature for broken databases.
  14. Ok I've tried the new updates but still get the error if I leave malicious blocking turned on. I don't really like leaving it off to be honest. I had to turn it off to download the program as well. Its the same for HyperSync. My type of router with firmware is included.
  15. Si tio, mejor actulizate a rocketlauncher ya que los desarrolladores pasan haciendo actualizaciones muy seguido. El hyperlaunch ya esta sin soporte. Talves en rocketlauncher no tendras ese problema, ya que ni idea que es.
  16. Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge (USA, Europe) View File Second Castlevania game released for gameboy. In my opinion it was better then the first one. If only for the reason that it's non-linear. Submitter klopjero Submitted 02/24/2017 Category Themes (4:3) HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  17. Buenas! Consulta... que version de Rocket Launcher estas usando?? Probaste con actualizar a la ultima version?
  18. Como dijeron arriba, instala un HyperSpin (ultima version) desde cero, y agregale todo lo que haya traido "extra" el kit que bajaste (artwork, videos, etc).. Con una instalacion nueva no creo que tengas problemas. Saludos!!
  19. Buenas jolefho, como estas? Que tipo de ayuda andas necesitando??
  20. Buenas! Tenes para rato para leer aca y hacer amigos jeje... Yo me meto todos los dias, si queres charlar o comentar algo, podes mandarme mensaje privado! Saludos.
  21. I've tried several different versions of SSF (currently using 12R3) and want to use a 360 pad with it. I've found that I have to set the controller up for each individual game. I really don't want to do that for 300+ games but no matter how many times I set it up in the program without any game launched, then launch a new game, the controller doesn't respond. I have to bind the keys each and every time for each new game. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm pulling out my hair trying to get SSF working properly. Thanks, --J
  22. Depuis 2013, il y a eu beaucoup d'améliorations sous rocketlauncher. Tu utilises bien la derniére version? Sur le site officiel rocketlauncher il y a un bon soutien et tu pourras trouver pas mal d'astuces. Tiens nous au courant si tu galère avec les fade...
  23. I currently use 7z as well (enabled in HyperSpin) and it works great. I do not use save states at this time so I have no info to share on that issue. I am however now very interested in the following from Suhrvivor: " PS2 ISOs I use gzip since the emulator can decompress them on the fly," How do you set that up? I would love to reduce the amount of time before being able to play a game etc. Thank you!
  24. It's not using RocketLauncher, like I suspected. HyperLaunch has known issues and is extremely outdated so you don't want to be using that. Make sure that the Hyperlaunch_Path in the HyperSpin/Settings/Settings.ini is pointing to the RocketLauncher.exe without any typos/mistakes in the path. Also make sure if you have the RocketLauncher.exe set to run as admin that you set HS to run as admin also.
  25. Hey heres my log text, but like i just thanked you for fixing the problem it is no more. My Atari consoles now all work in Hyperspin. Heres ma log though encase you wanted to see i guess. 11:13:56 AM | HyperSpin Started 11:13:56 AM | Going FullScreen 11:13:56 AM | LEDBlinky is set to active 11:13:56 AM | Found LEDBlinky.exe 11:13:56 AM | Running LEDBlinky 11:13:56 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 1 11:13:56 AM | Checking for updates 11:13:56 AM | Update Check Complete 11:13:56 AM | Startup program unavailable 11:13:56 AM | Playing intro video 11:13:57 AM | Error intializing joysticks 11:13:57 AM | Menu Mode is multi 11:13:57 AM | Loading Main Menu.xml 11:13:57 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 8 11:13:57 AM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 11:13:58 AM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 11:14:02 AM | Loading Atari 7800.xml 11:14:02 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 7 "Atari 7800" 11:14:02 AM | roms_only is true, checking files 11:14:02 AM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 11:14:03 AM | Atari 7800 wheel loaded successfully 11:14:03 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 9 "Ace of Aces (USA)" 11:14:05 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 9 "Barnyard Blaster (USA)" 11:14:06 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 9 "Choplifter! (USA)" 11:14:06 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 9 "Centipede (USA)" 11:14:08 AM | Launching Game 11:14:08 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 3 "Centipede (USA)" "Atari 7800" 11:14:08 AM | Using HyperLaunch 11:14:08 AM | Getting HyperLaunch path 11:14:08 AM | HyperLaunch located at C:\Hyperspin\HyperLaunch.exe 11:14:08 AM | Running HyperLaunch.exe 11:14:08 AM | HyperLaunch Command Line is: C:\Hyperspin\HyperLaunch.exe "Atari 7800" "Centipede (USA)" 11:15:01 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 4 11:15:03 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 4 11:15:03 AM | Loading Main Menu.xml 11:15:03 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 8 11:15:03 AM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 11:15:04 AM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 11:15:05 AM | Exit program unavailable 11:15:05 AM | Quiting Hyperspin 11:15:05 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 2 11:15:05 AM | Bye! The game loads, sound works, esc button exits emulator and controlls are all bound, Almost time to throw it in the cabinet, Thank you again for your help!
  26. If you're getting that error HS and RL still aren't connected properly so it's falling back to HyperLaunch. Post your HS log, the log.txt in your HS folder, and I can confirm that. If you're using HL/RL to launch games the executable, extensions, rompath, etc in HyperHQ aren't used at all and don't need to be set. The extensions and rom path are only used when the roms only filter is selected.
  27. Hey thank you for your help! I am on HS1.4, and the Settings.ini is already pointing to the correct path. The extensions in HyperHQ were the problem. Swapped the bars to Commas and i received another error while trying to play. Hyper couldn't find the modules for the emulator i was using. I went in and renamed the correct .AHK file and it works perfectly. Just a random question, i currently have all my SNES and NES rom extensions seperated by bars and it also works fine in hyperspin, why would it work with those systems but not my atari ones? Thank you again for your help i was stuck for days on it!
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