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  4. HyperSpin Exit Play MP3 Shutdown

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple wrapped batch file that uses NIRSOFT nircmd to play a MP3 named and located C:\HyperSpin\Shutdown.mp3 Simply set this in HyperHQ to use when exiting hyperspin, it will play your MP3 then issue a shutdown on the computer. Disable power button to shutdown computer and use this to exit hyperspin and shutdown. Make nice seamless shutdown.
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  25. Thanks for the rapid reply, this is why I asked before devoting time to what could have been a lost cause lol I'm registered as a google play "beta tester" for the app, so I think I already have that ".apk" you're talking about installed. Switching to a beta tester definitely updated the app and fixed issues I had with the mouse cursor that I do know. I suppose I could make my own amiga.xml for the database folder. Then I could look into making my own game wheel for "Workbench". I'll have a play around when I have some free time and see what happens. I must say it's great seeing devs for android apps being so proactive to get their stuff showed off with Hyperspin Thanks again thatman84 and anyone else who might chime in and offer some help.
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