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  1. This is the additional Transition pack for HyperSpin that used to be available to Platinum members on the old FTP.
    It contains 90 additional FLV transitions. Animations that can play on the main menu wheel to transition between systems. They can be used randomly or assigned to specific systems and can also be used for individual games or genres. These transitions come in 3 resolutions with a readme.file on using them. These are for Platinum members only.
    These were not made by me, I'm simply making them available again.
    All credit to the original creator. Who that is I don't know



  2. This is my first attempt at a theme after working with hyperspin privately for years. I think I am versed enough in this to start giving back a little of what I've taken over time. Here is the first of my contributions. 
    I didn't care much for the default theme so I decided to make one of my own as TouHou Project content is sort of difficult to find. 



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