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Thread: 32" Flatscreen CRT (great for showcase cabs)

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    Default 32" Flatscreen CRT (great for showcase cabs)

    I have a very rare, rebranded 32" NetTV (it was used in a video conferencing system years ago, so it has a TANDBERG logo on the front). This TV is great for an arcade cab because it has a VGA input and can output up to XGA resolution. The screen is also flat, not curved. I've been using this for my XBOX 360 for many years and it has served me well. The image quality is excellent, and the only reason I'm getting rid of it is because I'm upgrading to an HD LCD.

    There are a couple downsides:
    First, it's ridiculously heavy (150+ lbs.), and it's probably not best suited for standard upright arcade cabinets. I'd considered using it for mine, but it wouldn't fit even if I'd de-cased it, and it most likely would've been to heavy for the mounting brackets anyway. As the title suggests, this would be perfect for a showcase type cabinet.h
    Second, it won't handle typical arcade resolutions, so an ArcadeVGA card or soft15khz are pretty much useless.

    Here are the specs:

    The thing is a beast; I can't move it by myself, so anyone who might be interested would have to pick it up (preferably with help, as my back isn't what it used to be). I absolutely will not ship it.

    I'm curious to see if there's any interest for this. Best offer takes it.

    I'll try to get pictures up soon.
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