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    Default multiplayer gaming

    Hello, I am fully aware I may be 'taking the piss' a little when requesting this. but thought I would extend my imagination out there a bit ;-)


    imagion you and a freind had cabinets at your homes, could you imagion built in webcams, with voice-over-ip so you can speak and see eachother while playing? and if you connect to someone elses "hyperspin" application you could take control of what game to play next by choosing the game. maybe a bit of argument would be included lol. and then when you launch the emu, it somehow auto-logs into kaillera and starts you playing together? to me that sounds amazing, to a developer that would leave them scratching there head and looking at their watch. epic request i know, but had the erge to post my idea, sorry :-p

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    Well.. I'm not sure that's going to happen anytime soon.

    I have MameHub launched from the PC Launcher module , which works well , but I don't have a stand up cab built yet. I doubt it's a problem assigning a trackball for the gui. Point , Click and you're away. Probably isn't anything from stopping you loading skype or something at the same time. It may look a bit messy and you might have to position the windows a bit, but still possible.

    There is other software for multiplayer on a cab , can't think what it's called right now though.

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