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Thread: Reload top 100 MAME lists in hyperlist

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    Default Reload top 100 MAME lists in hyperlist

    Hello, apparently all the lists in hyper list got removed like three or four times, after reading through the forums it appears that it will be the last time it will happen for now. If anyone has a top 100 mame games list or top 250, or golden oldies, or top 90's, or best beatem ups, top shrumps, etc.. Could you please upload them to hyperlist, i have attempted to make my own lists, but i have found it quite time intensive considering there are over 6000 roms to go through. I have a list of around 500 games that i can upload, but i still want to get it down closer to 100, like a top 100 list. Or around the top thirty games per genre. Thanks alot if anyone has any lists to put up, enjoy. And yes im aware you can sort by genre in hyperlist and such but still it is quite overwhelming, i dont want 500 hockey games of which only one or two i will play, and i am sure im not the only one, thanks alot again.

    P.S. pretty much any sort of list that has gotten rid of the crap/bad games in mame, left with only A/B games, not C/D/F grade games, if you know what i mean. Most all other systems are easy to go through but because of the sheer number of games in mame it becomes quite a chore.

    Edit: no on is repsonding so im going to repost on main forum, thanks. Please delete this post.
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    How to do it your self:

    Example for Mame 0.144u7

    I'm still in the process of rewriting the scripts into a single script...most of which is done...but I have a bug yet to figure out...and I'm off on some other project right who knows when I'll actually finish up...actually been stalled for 2 months now.

    Also this section is more about the creation of new or updating existing DB's rather than special requests.

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