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Thread: Box art disapearing

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    Default Box art disapearing

    I have the box art files named correctly and I've tried using Artwork1, Artwork2 etc folders. When the SNES theme first loads up I see the box art on the first game it settles on. After that the box art will not come up for any game, including the first game if I scroll back to it. This happens on NES and SNES, the first systems I've tried other than MAME.


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    Open up hyperHQ, select the wheel settings tab, and then the snes wheel. Then select the navigation/themes tab. The settings you are interested in are 'Animate out default themes' and 'reload backgrounds.' One of these settings should fix it (if it's the problem i think it is), i just cant remember which one. Play around with the check boxes until it works. If it doesn't let us know, if it does, let us know which setting it was!


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