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Thread: Couple of questions for the masses who've done this before...

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    Default Couple of questions for the masses who've done this before...

    In the process of assembling my machine. Few questions for those who have more experience in this than me.

    1) Is there somewhere you guys know of to get themes/vids for all the console games? Full disclosure I haven't checked on the vids yet (so I dunno if they're on emumovies), but the themes are proving to be quite the pain. I've found many of them, but many more are just impossible. I've heard of people using cartridge/box themes, is that just like an image of the box and cartridge as a "theme?" If so how do you do that?

    2) I'm ordering my controls this weekend and assembling my control panel early next week. Does anyone have any advice/suggestions for this? Where to order from, what controls to get, how to assemble them, etc, etc? I'm looking at one Ultimarc Mag-Stik Plus ( for 4-way/8-way switchability and probably just 3 standard Happs joysticks to round out the cabinet (does anyone have advice on the specific model to get from Happs? They have a bunch). For push buttons I'm just going with standard. But my control panel is 3/4" thick + probably (hopefully) another 1/8" in plexiglass covering. Will this complicate my buttons at all/is there anything I should know or look out for? Lastly, I'm likely going to go the e-bay/amazon route for a track ball, cuz damn those things are expensive. What specifically should I look for and look out for?

    3) I am testing out and setting up all the software on my personal computer (not the one I intend to use in the cabinet). I have the one I'm using in the cabinet, setup to the TV I'm going to be using in my living room. My plan has been to get it working how I want on my PC, and then transfer it (via external HD) to the final computer. Will there be an issue with this? Do I NEED to install Hyperspin and all the Emulators, or can I just copy/paste the entire file and be good to go? Obviously I'll need to probably change some of the screen resolution settings and whatnot, but past that will there be any real issues? All the roms and whatnot are in my Hyperspin folder, so my plan was to just copy/paste it to the exact same directory on the new computer.

    Thanks for the help guys.

    (I realize I may be able to find some of this info by searching the forums, but sadly I'm at work and don't have any time . )

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    For themes check out the ftp on hyperspin

    For videos go to emumovies and if you haven't been there yet go there and become a gold member(well worth it)

    You will need to change the directory paths when you changer your setup from one pc to another

    The controls are pretty much personal preference. I normally get all of my controls from twisted quarter very great service and speedy shipping. You can find them on ebay or

    You will have plenty of room for the wood and plexiglass on top. Hope I answered some questions feel free to ask away if you need anything else

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