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Thread: New to hyperspin: Need help please

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    Default New to hyperspin: Need help please

    Hi guys, I know you must get sick of new people coming on these forums asking questions you have probably heard and answered many times over, but I couldn't really find what I was looking for, and do have a few questions that I hope, and am sure, you will solve for me:

    Question 1: I have downloaded Mame 32 and linked it up the way its supposed to be, downloaded a game to test it with, now when I go to play that game, I get the following error:

    Now, I have tried a few games, and each game seems to have missing files. Now I think the problem is me, and not the roms, so was wandering if anybody could help with that.

    Question 2: I have downloaded a Genesis emulator (gens.exe). When I try and play a game through that I get this error:

    I have linked it up through hyperspin, changed the name a few times, but with no joy, So I was wandering if I needed to use a certain emulator for it to work

    Question 3: When I select a console, I don't want a list of 500 games which I am never going to play. Is there a way to delete/ hide the ones I don't want, especially when there is about 5 Alien Vs Predator games for some reason.

    I would really appreciate your help with any of these questions, and I am sorry to the few who will be sick of seeing this sort of thread

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    Not sure about the problem with mame, could be that you need to download a set of CHDs to get your game going, for Sega Genesis you should use kegafusion to run your games, you can make a favourite list overtime on HS, that way narrowing the list of games down, also you can set hyperspin to skip a certain amount of games at a time, i think mame is set up for skipping 100 games at a time whilst the other systems are less.

    We all start somewhere, just keep plugging away.


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