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Thread: Bending Perspex/plexiglas

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    Default Bending Perspex/plexiglas

    I`d like to cover my CP with one complete piece of perspex, but would need it to bend at 90 degrees. I`ve seen all the vids on the internet about bending it, but would like to ask if anybody here has any advice on the best method. I`m thinking 4mm max would be ideal. Rough size before bending would be 500mm wide and 365mm deep...

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    As you've seen in the videos, head distributed evenly along your bend line is what you want to achieve. Is it an exact 90 degree bend, not rounded? At the shop i worked at we had a plexi heating element to help us bend , made life much easier. I've seen them for fairly cheap on ebay before, but that would be the route I went. If the heat isn't even it aint gonna bend uniformly.
    I've seen guys use heavy duty heat guns, I haven't tried but I guess it can be done as long as you pay attention to keeping the heat even.
    Play around with a small test piece first, the sharper the angle of the bend, as it cools the plexi on the outside of that corner may tend to bulge out a little since the angle is so sharp, theres no gradual area for it to go. We would cut the initial width on stuff just a few mm wider the needed, and trim it down after the bend then just polish the ends. But my biggest suggestion is grab any scrap pieces you can spare and play around with it. It's not hard just takes a little patience, don't hurry the heat.


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