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    Default Uploading Rules and Recommendations

    Uploading Rules and Recommendations

    Prior to uploading your themes, please read and follow these rules and recommendations below. If not followed, your theme can be disapproved or delayed for approval.

    1. Your theme must be properly packaged and named prior to uploading. Always zip your theme so that the end user can just place it into the Media folder of the appropriate system. Hypertheme 1.1 will zip the theme for you.

    Always name your theme like so:

    Game Name - romname-username(YYYYMMDD).zip

    Names should not have any underscores ( _ ) in them and should only have one dash ( - ) between the game name and creator’s username. NOTE: for MAME games, the game name should ALWAYS be lower case.

    So if a user named Joe has a Metal Slug theme, then it should look like this:

    Metal Slug - mslug-Joe(20080415).zip

    2. Never include a video file with your theme. A video overlay may be included, but never the actual video.

    3. Before uploading your theme, post a screenshot and announcement in the Theme Announcement forum. This way you can show your theme before its uploaded and get other users input. People have revamped their themes several times based off user input and its best to have this done before uploading.

    4. Once you're happy with your theme, proceed to the downloads section of this site and click the "Add" link in the top menu.

    Next fill in your file name and username. The description area may be left blank.

    The File Name should be in this format:
    Game Name - romname-username(YYYYMMDD)

    Next choose a category that applies to your upload. For the mslug example above, it would be "Mame Game Themes".

    Finally browse for your zip file and click the "Add File" button.

    Thats it! Now your theme is submitted for approval. All themes are tested prior to approval so there will be a waiting period but we will get to them as fast as possible.
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