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Thread: Future Pinball problem

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    Unhappy Future Pinball problem

    Anybody knows why when i run FP, in some tables appears the message "There was a problem loading that file" and i click "ok", the tables continuous loading and run normally. This happening in the FP and HP. Any idea?
    Wrong driver maybe? 182.50 xp service pack 3 GTS 250 512M. TKS.

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    i had such a problem caused by an internet security program... try to disable anti-virus software.

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    Thanks manhill, do the right thing. It┤s works

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    Wow. Didn't think that would work, but it helped to turn off Avast anti-virus. With my Hyperspin cab not connected to the internet, I'm not at much risk to getting a virus.

    So far, it's loaded about 25 tables straight without fail, once I turned off my Avast antivirus. Bizarre solution to a needling problem...but hey, if it works!

    Just don't go on the internet or download emails without reactivating the AV software.

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    Actually when you exchange data from a computer to another you're always at risk when the source is connected to the net.
    Through USB or lan. Virusses have no boundries

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