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Thread: How do you have your vertical mame games setup?

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    Default How do you have your vertical mame games setup?

    Do you leave them small in the middle of the screen? That's a lot of Empty space around the games

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    You need that for correct aspect ratio. The bezel artwork takes up all that space if you have the artwork files in your MAME setup.

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    you can crop artwork and game will take almost full screen, and keep aspect, only part of artwork will be visible

    option -> artwork_crop 1 in mame.ini

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    Quote Originally Posted by Secret80'sMan View Post
    You need that for correct aspect ratio. The bezel artwork takes up all that space if you have the artwork files in your MAME setup.
    Thanx for the info. I hadn't thought of doing that before.

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    Yep, that's what I do. I maintain the aspect ratio and use the bezels set to "cropped" so the game itself fills as much screen as possible.

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    is there a way to set this for all games using the command prompt?

    based of the config.txt:
    Core artwork options
    -[no]artwork_crop / -[no]artcrop
    	Enable cropping of artwork to the game screen area only. This works
    	best with -video gdi or -video d3d, and means that vertically oriented
    	games running full screen can display their artwork to the left and
    	right sides of the screen. This does not work with -video ddraw
    	because of the way the game screens are rendered and scaled after the
    	fact. This option can also be controlled via the Video Options menu in
    	the user interface. The default is OFF (-noartwork_crop).
    i have gone into the video option as it says whilst in a game but it only affects that game. im just now weening myself off of mameui and biting the bullet to learn command line.

    ive tried a few things and get lots of errors but one i did brought up a rom list labeled random. it was C:\Hyperspin\emulators\MAME>mame -artwork_crop
    again,, im getting familiar with cmd so im not sure what it is supposed to do if its successful but i do know nothing is happening when i test a game.

    OH,,and how do i get this command line version of mame to recognize my mouse(trackball) im used to the nice ez option of enable in the gui......
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