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Thread: How current is the MINTED mame theme set?

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    Default How current is the MINTED mame theme set?

    Like the title says...How current is the MINTED mame theme set that's on the FTP. I know the set gets updated every couple of days...

    My question concerns the version of mame that's in the minted set. Right now I have a complete set of mame of 0.139u3 verified with clrmamepro. If the minted set has themes that have names that are no longer concurrent with 0.139u3 would I know?

    I know when the hyperspin 1.0 came out, it was based on the 0.136 set. I just don't know if the minted set sticks to 0.136 naming or is it current to 0.139 naming.

    If it's is everybody handling the changes? What programs are you using to fix/rename the themes to current rom names?


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    I know someones supposed to do this when time permits, but for now you can try this utility blur made to rename any files to a certain version of mame:
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    And you can check with that utilities what's missing in your game files (themes, videos, ...)

    For themes and video it's best to use "wots missing with clones.bat"

    For other game files "wots missing.bat"

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