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  1. Looking forward to it mate :-)
  2. HyperSpeech 1.0.0 beta 1 available in the 3rd party app download section

  3. Version 1.0.0 beta 1


    Hey Guys, Here is HyperSpeech 1.0.0 beta 1, compatible with HyperSpin 1.4. This version does not work with older HyperSpin versions. Regards, Boogieman
  4. Yes It seems that the HyperSync Cloud.exe.config was the culprit with me. Thanks a Giga!
  5. I have the latest version of HyperSync, but it doesn't seem to work though... @ninja2bceen: Hey mate, I haven't got an awful lot of time yet to look into that. I hoped someone else would have taken that task on him, that's why I gave you guys my source code of Hyperspeech. First I have to update everything before I can figure out the odds... This will not be very soon as I need to replace my PC which has seen his best days a long time ago. But for now I would like to get Hypersycn working to start updating again. Cheers, Boogieman
  6. Same here guys, any suggestions? My username is Boogieman_nl Could it be the underscore? It worked in the old days though....
  7. Version 0.9


    It's a Text-to-speech addon for HyperSpin that is will speak the system names, system biographs, game descriptions and MAME game bio's, but it also adds speech for the events that HyperSpin send to LEDBlinky, like HS start/end, loading main menu wheel, loading system wheel, starting/ending games, start/end attraction mode and more. The speech strings for the above events, but also the system bio's can be customized to your own likings and that's where people ou can put their own creativity into. It is possible to enter a variety of text strings for each of the above mentioned LEDBlinky events. These are then spoken random fashion to prevent boredom. For speech optimization (pronouncement) and cleansing of the rubbish that exist in the descriptions, HyperSpeech does Regular Expression (RegEx) string replacements on each speech string. There are however still situations where text is not being spoken right, the challenge then is to define the right regular expression strings to fix this globally or otherwise for each occurance. I will update and finetune the HyperSpeech.dat file on a regular basis. HyperSpeech uses the SAPI 5.x TTS interface and for the best HyperSpeech experience, I recommend the use of Loquendo or NeoSpeech voices. (I've added support for Windows XP as well as it turned out that HyperSpeech is working on the SAPI 5.1 engine as well) There is however, a significant difference in how certain voices and speech engines are interpreting and speaking the text you send. For now I've decided to stick to the US Loquendo TTS voices and optimize speech for these voices with the RegEx'es in the HyperSpeech.dat file. NOTE: If you really want to add a little twist to HyperSpeech, route the Speech output through a voice morpher, and add effects to it to create a unique sounding voice. Here's a video of HyperSpeech in effect in the HyperSpin main wheel: Latest version: HyperSpeech 0.9 (Added Windows XP support) Previous versions: HyperSpeech 0.8 (No more writing to a temp and now supports any video extension HyperSpeech 0.7 (Supports Hyperspin 1.3: now scans for .mp4 system movies instead .flv's) HyperSpeech 0.6 (For Hyperspin 1.2, fixed an issue with output to LEDBlinky) Update: I've now uploaded the AHK source files to the FTP for those who want to tweak, add features to it or just use some of my code for use in their own projects.
  8. Hey mate, Can we see some pics or a little video showing that SLG3000 generator with the 5:4 TFT?
  9. Looks good! So what looks clean for the sides you ask? I would stick with some simpe white or silver striping... Also I would have chosen a different MAME marquee, one without the heavily colored background. What do you think?
  10. Depends on what plans you need buddy.. I spend countless hours on the 3d design in sketchup, but in order for a CNC machine to cut it I need to redo it in another CAD program. For manual building you need other plans, I need to sort stuff out first, it has been ages since I have worked on the project and don't really recall what I have.
  11. Looking very nice bro! Thanks for sharing that with us. I plan on building a stand for my bartop as well, except that won't be that seamless as yours. How's the panel working out with two players at once?
  12. Thanks, me too will update if anything new occurs...
  13. Sent from Android with Tapatalk
  14. Good news: My buddy and I finally got back on track (sorta) after having raw-sawed the large piece of black laminated mdf ages ago. I drawed the side panel on a thin piece of mdf which is cut with a router to create a template. We spend a lot of time creating a template for the 28mm button holes. We ended up making a template for a button template that is used on the side panel template that we used for routing side panel that we now use as a template. We also noticed the downside of laminated mdf which is the razor sharp edges and scratches that are easily made while crafting. I also think that putting vinyl on the sides will be an issue because the mdf surface is not totally smooth. Somehow we ordered the wrong laminated mdf and have to deal with it. This week we routed 2 side panels and next week we plan on routing the control panel from the template. To be continued....
  15. Hey Dustin,

    I've posted a request on the database forum, for a reupload of your C64 database with the CRC's to the FTP, I guess you haven't seen it yet...

    Some dumbass wiped the FTP and some stuff is lost now after the restore...

    I know it is a lot of work to do the CRC's for C64 and I would really appreciate it if you would like to share this database with me.